What we stand for, and why we stand tall

From the beginning, Interstate Hotels & Resorts has held fast to a core set of values that have shaped how we have operated, grown and prospered. We believe in delivering excellence. It is this unwavering commitment to our founding beliefs that continues to guide us as we help hotel owners and our associates succeed in any marketplace through any economic cycle.

Our Core Values include:

  • Act with integrity

    Acting in a manner that befits our position as an industry leader.

  • Be a team player

    Bringing every contributor together for the betterment of all.

  • Embrace others’ differences with respect

    Valuing the insight of each individual, and treating them as an important member of the team.

  • Deliver excellence

    Delivering excellence is the cornerstone of each and every effort, each and every day.

  • Promote innovation

    Striving to not just meet, but exceed the industry in all we do.

  • Communicate openly and often

    Facilitating conversations and the exchange of ideas.

  • Be of Service

    Delivering exceptional service to our guests, our communities and to each other.